PowerPoint Digital Signage

PowerPoint Digital Signage.

PowerSignage™ is a cloud-based service that uses Microsoft® PowerPoint® to create and display digital signage. It is an ideal low-cost digital signage solution for health care, food chains, retail outlets, hotels and schools–any business with walk-in customers.

Create your digital signage presentation with PowerPoint and upload the file to our cloud service. PowerPoint  presentations are automatically displayed on your TV points. Very easy to use, no complicated digital signage software to learn.

PowerSignage software runs on low-cost (under $100) mini PC sticks that plug into your TV’s HDMI source input. PowerSignage converts your PC stick into a digital signage player, supporting PowerPoint TV display.

PowerPoint Digital Signage Solutions from $14.95 per TV

PowerPoint Digital Signage Software

PowerPoint is the ideal power tool for creating kiosks, digital menu boards and signage–any kind of multimedia TV display. Combine drag-n-drop screen layout, text, pictures, animation and HD video to display stunning PowerPoint signage presentations on your TV points.

PowerSignage uses the free PowerPoint Viewer to display signage presentations on your TV. No PowerPoint software license is required for your TV points.

Its low-cost and overall ease of use make PowerPoint the digital signage software of choice for creating high impact customer presentations. Harness the power of PowerPoint to present your products, promotions and drive customer sales.

Examples of PowerPoint Digital Signage:

Works with Low-cost Digital Signage Players

PowerSignage digital signage software runs on a standard Windows PC stick. A PC stick–also called a compute stick–is a pocket-sized Windows device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI source input.

PC Sticks & PC Stick in TV

Plug your PC/compute stick into the TV, turn it on and install our PowerPlayer™ digital signage software. PowerPlayer transforms your stick into a digital signage player, able to display PowerPoint presentations on any standard TV.

Buy compatible Windows 10 sticks from online retailers starting from $95.99.

PowerSignage features:

Digital signage content management, 1GB cloud storage
Use PowerPoint to create kiosks, menu boards and digital signs
Display digital signage on standard TV screens, portrait or landscape
Supports drag-n-drop layout, text, pictures, HD video & animation
Works with low-cost PC stick to display PowerPoint on your TV
Display signage 24×7, or schedule by date, time and day of week
Manages digital signage displays at multiple customer locations
Uses free PowerPoint Viewer to display PowerPoint on your TV

PowerPoint Digital Signage Software

PowerSignage is a low-cost digital signage software solution. You pay a small subscription fee for each TV point which entitles you to a content management server (CMS) with 1GB cloud storage.

PowerSignage software runs on a standard Windows PC stick (purchased separately), the only hardware required to display PowerPoint on your TV.

Digital Signage Solution

Content Management Service

Our cloud-based CMS is at the heart of PowerSignage, providing a wide range of content management services. The CMS is used to upload your digital signage PowerPoint files, create display schedules and assign digital signage to TV points.

The PowerSignage CMS is hosted at our secure data center and accessible over the Internet. It is a managed service. There is no PC server to purchase, setup or maintain. In short: no IT headaches.

Transform Any TV Into Digital Signage

Plug your Windows PC stick into your TV’s HDMI port and install our PowerPlayer software. Running PowerPlayer, the PC stick automatically downloads PowerPoint signage presentations from the CMS and displays them on your TV.

Our digital signage player software supports PowerPoint (PPT) files and live web (HTML) display. Downloaded files are stored in the stick’s local flash memory, supporting digital signage display even if Internet connectivity is lost.

PowerSignage - PowerPoint digital signage

PowerSignage manages digital signage at multiple customer locations. Plug a PC or compute stick running our software into any TV at any location with WiFi Internet.

Signage Player Software

Our PowerPlayer software converts your PC or compute stick into a digital signage player. Simply install PowerPlayer on your stick to automatically display PowerPoint digital signage presentations on your TV.

PC Stick Requirements
You can install and run PowerPlayer on a PC stick or Intel compute stick with the following (or better) specifications: running Windows 10, quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB flash (or HDD), WiFi, HDMI output, USB port and HD graphics controller.

PowerPlayer Features:

Complete PC/compute stick digital signage software package
Converts stick into a networked digital signage media player
Downloads and displays PowerPoint presentations on TV
Supports offline (no Internet) digital signage display
Displays PowerPoint (PPT) presentations & HTML (live web)
Uses free PowerPoint Viewer to display PPT digital signage
No PowerPoint software license needed to display PPT on TV

Why PowerPoint Digital Signage?

PowerSignage is a complete cloud-based digital signage solution. You pay only a small subscription fee for each TV point. We provide a hosted content management service and 1GB cloud storage for your PowerPoint signage presentations.

We keep it simple: no PC server to purchase, setup or maintain. Select from the many available free PowerPoint digital signage templates to create professional, cutting-edge signage displays.

And no need for expensive, proprietary hardware. PowerSignage digital signage software runs on off-the-shelf, low-cost PC and compute sticks. PowerSignage enables your stick hardware to display PowerPoint presentations on any standard TV.

PowerSignage’s low-cost and ease-of-use greatly lowers the barriers to entry. Whether you run a boutique hotel, clinic or a small deli, use PowerPoint digital signage to increase sales, brand awareness, and drive home your marketing message.

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