Power and the Point: Creative Uses For PowerPoint Digital Signage In Hospitality Businesses

Imagine this: you recently opened a small café in the corner of a busy street in downtown L.A.

You’ve been dreaming of this day for 5 years and finally saved enough to turn your dreams into reality. But as the months go by, you’re struggling to make ends meet. Read more

How To Play PowerPoint On TV

How to Play PowerPoint on TV

This article will show how to play PowerPlayer on TV. We will introduce PowerPlayer, a low-cost solution for displaying PowerPoint on any standard TV.

Digital Signage CMS

PowerSignage – Digital Signage CMS for PowerPoint

PowerSignage is a cloud-based content management service (CMS) used to upload, schedule and display PowerPoint on your TV screens.

Display Video in PowerPoint

Display HD Video Loop in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an excellent content creation tool. It allows you to combine background images, fonts, text, pictures and animation. However, you can even use PowerPoint to display full screen HD video. PowerPoint makes it easy to display video commercials in a continuous loop. This article will walk you through how to embed video into your PowerPoint presentation.

Digital Signage using PowerPoint

Digital Signage Using PowerPoint

This article will explore the key benefits for creating and displaying digital signage using PowerPoint. With the introduction of PowerPlayer it is now practical for small business and non-technical users to deploy digital signage using PowerPoint in a cost-effective manner.

PowerPoint digital signage

10 Reasons for Using PowerPoint Digital Signage

Digital signage has become an essential sales and marketing tool for business. Most big companies have embraced digital signage to promote their products, services and promotions to customers. However, the take-up rate for small business has lagged, causing them to miss out on the important benefits of using digital signage. This article will present 10 reasons for using PowerPoint digital signage. We will focus primarily on the benefits for small-to-mid-size businesses.

PowerPoint to Digital Signage Guide

Display PowerPoint Digital Signage On Your TV

PowerPoint is a great tool for non-technical users looking for a easy-to-use tool for creating digital signage presentations. We will outline 5 basic steps that make a PowerPoint presentation suitable for use as digital signage.

What Are PC/Compute Sticks?

PC and compute sticks are small pocket-sized devices that plug into your TV’s HDMI input port. As their name implies a stick is a complete PC on a stick, equipped with RAM/hard drive memory, integrated WiFi networking, USB and HD graphics controller. A stick will typically boot a standard operating system–like Microsoft® Windows®–and be capable of running standard application software.

Digital Signage Introduction

Introduction to Digital Signage

What is digital signage? It this way: a cost-effective, flexible way to present products and services, increase sales and promote your brand. Digital signage eliminates printing static sales and marketing material, replacing them with cutting-edge multimedia presentations a single standard TV. A single TV can display multiple customer messages one after another or based on time-of-day or day of the week.


Digital Signage Players

A digital signage player is the component of the TV point capable of downloading signage presentation presentations from the CMS and displaying them. While some a special purpose TV displays are equipped with a built-in signage player these products can be quite expensive. For the overwhelming majority of TV sets an external digital signage media player is needed to download and display your digital signage presentations. This article will present an overview of the available digital signage player options.