Convert PowerPoint to Digital Signage

Convert PowerPoint to Digital Signage

This article outlines how to convert PowerPoint to digital signage. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is the perfect digital signage content creation tool. You can create signage presentations using PowerPoint’s layout management, text, pictures, page transitions and animation effects. Add cutting-edge high definition video to capture your customer’s attention and drive home your marketing message. And because you’re not (likely) a great graphic artist 🙁 use widely available PowerPoint templates to create professional-looking signage presentations.

To convert PowerPoint to digital signage you must make your presentation self-running—ensuring each page is displayed for a specified time—and to configure it to run in a continuous loop. Normally a PowerPoint presentation only advances, slide-to-slide, when a presenter clicks their mouse or presses the keyboard. And when the presentation reaches the last slide it will simply end—the presentation will not automatically loop back to the start and continue running.

Make Your Presentation Self-running
To make the presentation self-running click the TRANSITIONS tab on the main menu. On the far right of the TRANSITIONS sub-menu there is the Advance Slide section. For each page in your presentation uncheck On Mouse Click, check After and enter the number of seconds (or minutes) you want the particular slide to be displayed. If you want the same display time for all your slides click the Apply To All icon. In the example below the first page will be displayed for 15 seconds before moving to the next page in the presentation.

Make PowerPoint self-running

Setup Kiosk Mode
By default, when a presentation reaches its last page PowerPoint will not automatically advance (loop back) to the starting page. PowerPoint will quit the presentation after displaying the last page the specified time. To continuously loop the presentation select kiosk mode. To setup kiosk mode select SLIDE SHOW tab from the PowerPoint main menu. From this sub-menu click the Set Up Slide Show icon.

PowerPoint kiosk mode

After clicking the Set Up Show icon the Set Up Show dialog box is displayed which is used to configure how your PowerPoint presentation will be displayed:

PowerPoint kiosk mode setup

Select Browsed at a kiosk (full screen) option from the dialog box and click OK. After this is done your PowerPoint presentation will automatically run at full screen and loop continuously.

After setting up kiosk mode your PowerPoint presentation is now ready to be used for digital signage display. That’s all you need to do to convert PowerPoint to digital signage.

Displaying PowerPoint Signage Presentations
We have shown how to convert PowerPoint to digital signage. Now you must find a means to display your PowerPoint signage. If you have very simple needs use a second-hand Windows PC with a LCD screen to display your PowerPoint signage presentation. To save on software licensing cost use the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer program to display your signage presentations. You can even write a startup batch file that automatically runs the PowerPoint viewer and displays your converted PowerPoint signage presentation file on the LCD screen.

Another low-cost option is to use our PowerSignage™ digital signage service. With PowerSignage simply upload your PowerPoint file to our content management server (CMS). Our CMS supports native PPT files: there is no need to convert your PowerPoint to video or export as an image file.

PowerSignage uses low-cost PC sticks (also known as compute sticks) to download and display PowerPoint signage presentations on your TV endpoints. PC/compute sticks can be purchased from stores and online retailers like Amazon for as low as $89.99.

With PowerSignage you first convert PowerPoint to digital signage then upload it to our CMS. PC/Compute sticks, running our client software automatically download and display your PowerPoint signage presentation on your TV points.

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