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Digital Signage Solutions for Casual Dining

The use of digital signage solutions for casual dining establishments has been growing. Several reasons account for this, including the flexibility of delivering a timely presentation of in-store items and the branding opportunities. But in addition to this is digital signage’s ability to increase the time customers spend in the restaurant. This is called the dwell time. And a good rule of thumb in the restaurant business:

longer dwell time = more money spent per customer

For casual dinning operators this is one of your key sales and marking goals.

Digital Signage Applications
Most fast casual restaurants can be divided into 3 distinct customer zones

    • Outdoor: This would include the drive-thru area and any available outdoor seating
    • Indoor line: This is the area where customers queue up to place their order or pick up food
    • Dining: This is the area where customers sit down and eat their food

In the outdoor area a restaurant can employ outdoor LED or LCD digital menu boards and signage displays to promote the restaurant and entice foot traffic. If a restaurant offers outdoor seating then you can offer customers some of the signage options available to their indoor patrons. The outdoor area’s marketing potential to attract new customers  is often under-appreciated.

Inside, while customers are waiting in line, digital signage can be effectively used to display the restaurant’s menu. But instead of boring, static menus, use digital signage to make your menu come alive. If you’re selling burgers, have a brief video of a juicy burger sizzling on the grill, being prepared with ripe sliced tomatoes. Instead of displaying just the standard menu, digital menus can also display featured items and other promotional/marketing messages designed to influence the customer’s immediate purchasing decision. Digital signage also makes it simple to vary the menu based on the time-of-day.

In the dinning area, restaurants can show company marketing/advertisements, featured menu items and promotions, interspersed with other entertainment. When done tastefully these messages can influence the customer’s future purchasing decisions.

Keep Them in Their Seats
Customers visit fast food restaurants to get their food quickly and leave. To increase customer dwell time a restaurant needs to make the customer feel less rushed and more relaxed. In other words: create a fun atmosphere that encourages customers to settle in for a bit longer. Deploying digital signage solutions for casual dining settings give operators the option of displaying fun, dynamic customer messages and entertainment.

Low-cost Signage Options
Using digital signage solutions for casual dining usual comes down to two decision points: cost and IT burden. This is especially true for small to mid-sized operators. However, a new class of low-cost hardware and easy to use software have become available for digital signage. PC sticks are low-cost (as low as $89) pocket-sized Windows devices that plug directly into your TV’s HDMI port.

Combine PC sticks with Microsoft PowerPoint and you have a low-cost hardware/software combination capable of displaying cutting edge signage presentations on any standard TV. Microsoft PowerPoint is an ideal software tool for creating signage presentations due to its ease of use, flexible layout management features, wide multimedia support, font/color selection and page animation/transition effects.

PowerSignage is our cloud-based digital signage service. It uses PowerPoint for content creation and PC sticks for signage display. It is an ideal digital signage solution for casual dining operator due to its low cost and ease of use. For more information visit our website at