Digital Signage Solutions for Real Estate

Digital signage solutions transforms the traditional real estate office from a patchwork of printed ads and static photographs into a place where properties are presented using rich multimedia. Listing books can be replaced with touch-enabled interactive presentations, showing available properties using high impact video, or incorporating a virtual walk-through.

Why not spotlight the property of the day or announce new financing options. In short, digital signage provides a valuable, yet cost-effective way to promote your real estate office and the available inventory.

Interact with Clients
The addition of a low-cost touch-screen overlay converts a standard TV into an interactive kiosk. With a kiosk clients can select the city, neighborhood and price range of the properties they’re interested in. And once an interested property is selected the client can drill down and retrieve a wealth of information about it: property taxes, neighborhood schools, floor plan and available financing. Clients can view a video of the property or do a virtual walk-through.

Capture Client Interest
Add a QR code to your signage pages. When a client finds a property of interest they can capture the QR code with their mobile phone and automatically link to a promotional web page for the selected property. This is a useful way to marry digital signage promotion with your overall website sales and marketing activities.

Use a signage display in your customer-facing window to attract foot traffic into your office. Display especially attractive  properties and advertise special financing options; along with eye-grabbing video entertainment.

The Right Digital Signage Solution
For most small to mid-sized real estate businesses there is very little IT staff support available. So when choosing a suitable digital signage solution care must be given to cost, IT burden and ease-of-use. When evaluating a digital signage solution there is certainly the one-time equipment costs to consider. But there will also be an ongoing cost for creating and updating your digital signage content.

And over time digital signage content creation costs can become substantial, even eclipsing your digital signage hardware costs. This is especially true when using graphic designers to create your content. For this reason we recommend using a digital signage solution based on Microsoft® PowerPoint®. By using PowerPoint, in-house staff is more than able to produce and update property listings and other timely information displayed on your digital signs.

We offer an affordable digital signage solution called PowerSignage™. PowerSignage is a cloud-based service that uses PowerPoint for signage content creation and low cost PC sticks for digital signage TV display. PC sticks (also called compute sticks) are pocket-sized Windows devices that plug into your TV’s HDMI input, and are capable of displaying digital signage in full HD. You can purchase Windows-based PC or compute sticks from stores and online retailers like Amazon from between $89.95 and $149.95.

With PowerSignage simply plug in your PC or compute stick into your TV and upload your PowerPoint signage presentation to our cloud service. PC/compute sticks running our software automatically download and display your PowerPoint signage presentations on your TV points. And most importantly for real estate offices, PowerSignage supports digital signage display at multiple locations.

PowerSignage is an outsourced service: we take care of all the IT headaches for you. To create and manage digital signage you only need to know how to use PowerPoint and a web browser. Our aim is to reduce your IT burden for using digital signage to zero. What could be more simple?

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