Power and the Point: Creative Uses For PowerPoint Digital Signage In Hospitality Businesses

Imagine this: you recently opened a small café in the corner of a busy street in downtown L.A.

You’ve been dreaming of this day for 5 years and finally saved enough to turn your dreams into reality. But as the months go by, you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Not only does the bakery across the street get hundreds of customers a day, but it also manages to snag the attention of every passerby, despite having opened just 4 months ago.

What makes it the center of attention? What’s creating all that buzz? How come your café, despite being in a central location, isn’t getting any attention?

The truth is, it has more to do with how you advertise your café than with its interior or location!

The Importance of a Digital Signage

One of the biggest problems businesses face when promoting their services is the noise of marketing methods used by others around them. Whether it’s billboards or TV commercials, your customers can become easily distracted by them.

Digital signage allows you to cut down these distractions by directing the attention of potential customers to your business.


Using Digital Signage Creatively

Here’s what you can do if you want to direct the attention of potential customers to your business without spending thousands of dollars on temporary adverts:

Front Sign

If you own a café or shop, or even a motel, you can use a digital signage as a front sign for your business. It’s perfect for attracting potential customers because they will be able to see the sign clearly.

What this does is increase your business’s visibility.

For News

Got an announcement to make to customers? Use a digital signage to make announcements! Whether it’s the launch of a new product or service, take full advantage so you can keep your customers updated!


Just forget about traditional menus! Use a digital signage to help your customers make all the right choices. Furthermore, not only will this make it easier to see what’s today’s special is, but you can also update the menu without worrying about printing a new one!

But here’s what makes PowerPlayer special:

PowerPlayer is affordable, costing only $189.95—with no subscriptions!

This makes it an excellent choice for most SMEs. The cost includes software, hardware, and a cloud-based content management service (CMS).  So, all you need is a TV that has an HDMI port and Wi-Fi at the TV point’s location.

To learn more about us, here’s a bonus read: an interview with Ken Hilliard, CEO of Power Digital Signage.

Check out our PowerPlayer to learn more about what we have to offer.

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